About Me


(Co-Founder of P & F Enterprises, Inc.)

March 17, 1946  to  November 22,2009


A battle fought so others might have a better quality of life.

Frank was born in Bethel, ME on Saint Patrick’s day March 17, 1946 in a little farm house.  The neighborhood doctor was Doc Tibbetts and a mid-wife was also present.  Born into a hard working family, he developed the skills of a working man always building and at a very young age worked with his Father in the family logging business.  This is a man that was born an entrepreneur and believed in the free market and capitalism system of the United States.  Many companies he has started and closed down but never gave up the journey to success.  Frank was a balcony type of person that always tried to reach out to people and look for ways to lift them up in this crazy life we live.   He chose to look at life as a glass half full rather than half empty.  The road less travelled is not always comfortable to take but it does have rewards.  A man such as this might have given up when his world came crashing down that February 14, 1994 as the doctor gave him his diagnosis.  The next 15 years his wife, Peggy, spent studying all the various diseases that Frank acquired as a result of an immune system that was compromised from a blood disorder.  Years of continued steroids to control his immune system from attacking the red blood cells had many physicians, surgeons, technicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, RNs, LPNs, CNAs and countless people in research looking for a cure or experimental medication to improve the quality of his life.  These hard-working dedicated professionals with their compassion and the resolve to comfort and find answers to the many questions Frank and Peggy presented inspired him to continue the fight.  The two organizations he entrusted his care with , Infectious Disease Center at the James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, FL and the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center also in Tampa, FL,  will be major recipients of his Foundation.   In Frank’s eyes there was never a problem only a solution.  This ‘Can do’ attitude is Frank Saunders gift to all of you to continue the work of helping others with debilitating illnesses and comforting their families.